Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This month's Pokemon Special chapters are making me squeal with endless delight. I'm doing that a lot, actually. Huge thanks to Kanyuu from Tumblr for scanning these things for people like us. If you lived around me, I'd pay you for these things. Also, screenshots from Pokemon Special's official website.

Movie references! M15 movie references! Cue Sacred Swordsmen fangirling.

Sacred Swordsmen vs Mello cosplayers Shadow Triad! 

THIS. The moment we've all been waiting for. ST vs ST! Wait. Which ST? I forgot. 
Either way, the three bishonen gym leaders of Striaton Gym have finally returned! Hooray! 
Also, did they even think to remove their aprons before crashing into the P2 laboratory? Nope. That's how classy we are, people. 

Sadly, this proves my theory dead wrong. Which is sad, because I liked my theory, which is different from the regular theory. Well, there's always headcanon.

Tula is the most adorable galvanulta in the world. Until he meets Denchura, who acts just like him.

Random youngster dude on the Crustle is win. I wish Anime Dento would do start doing it.
Were Whimsicotts always that small? I had no idea.

The Unova Elite four, one of my favourite elite fours together with the Hoenn one. The only two elite fours awesome enough to get their own battle music. Also, the moment that you realise Shauntal's back is bare is--something. 

How Drayden can get anything through that inexplicable beard of his is beyond me. At least he gets more airtime here. 
Also, hot Caitlin and creepy Gothitelle. 

Excuse while I squee nonstop on agencyshipping and adorable Tula.

How exactly are the two of them not keeling over from each other's hotness? They should be at that age by now.

Remember what I said about Tula being the cutest galvantula ever? 

I have nothing to say. These two pages are just perfect. 

Once again, adorably adorable Tula.

Man, I freaking love this arc. 

Also, the gym leaders are getting trolled over a lot more nowadays. Remember the RGB chapter, when they didn't lose? That changed rapidly. 

Be right back, fangirling over numerous things of fangirling interest. Like this post. 

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