Friday, December 7, 2012

The sudden realisation---

that Sir Aaron is voiced by Cilan in english and Cobalion in japanese. 
Also, Clay, Hugh, and Colress voice Lucario in English while N voices (japanese) Lucario. 

And the level of HoYay between Lucario and Sir Aaron....Like, wow. Not to mention the highly bishonen Sir Aaron. 

Max, is it really all right to feed a pokemon chocolate? 

I think this movie gets to be up in the ranks with M03. 

I feel Kidd was highly unnecessary, though. She was practically a spotlight-stealer for May, Max, and Brock. Also, her hairstyle would freak even Iris out. And the part where Ash suddenly becomes athletic enough to jump on random friction-less platforms is quite, quite questionable. Finally, what mystery of mew, exactly?! 

Nevertheless, still better than quite a number of pokemon movies. 

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