Sunday, December 9, 2012

Riolu Hunting

That's the last time I go Riolu hunting.

First, I ran around Floccesy ranch like a lunatic for two hours looking for Riolu, and finding nothing by lillipups, psyducks dancing gangnam style, crying azurills, etc etc.

Note I have really high expectations for my team, so I was searching for a female Riolu.

Then, out it came!

But it was a male. Level 7. By then, I was crazy desperate.

Then, I realised I had only three pokeballs left.
Well, damn.

I had four members on the team: Overlevelled Oshawott, Attack-oriented Sewaddle, Pidove, and Purrloin. Of the three, I knew my Oshawott and Sewaddle would definitely OHKO the little thing. Purrloin was at the front. With half its remaining HP.



Purrloin fainted. Ouch.

I sent out Oshawott next.

The Riolu had 3/5 of its HP left. I threw a pokeball.

It broke out. Two to go.

I threw another one. It broke out. One to go.

I switched Oshawott for Pidove. Surely a quick attack wouldn't defeat it.

It did. Riolu fainted. Ouch.

After that, I went to the pokemon centre and bought nine pokeballs for round two.

After another hour of crazy searching, another Riolu finally emerged.

You nasty little troll, you.

This time, it was a female, Level 5. 

And it took twice the amout of time to capture, because I was so afraid of knocking it out again. Plus, female Riolus are extra hard to find. 

Success. The Riolu had a good nature(Rash), and Inner Focus.

I moved Riolu to the front for training. 

Then, out came a Riolu. And another. And another. And another. 

All of them came out right after I spent three hours running around like mad to find one measly Riolu. 

My Riolu and I had great fun beating the crap out of them. 

That's the last time I go Riolu hunting.

Cower in Fear, Cheren! The Riolu Kid is here! 

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