Saturday, December 1, 2012

In Best Wishes Season 2,
I mostly like the Iris focus episodes, but I keep getting pissed that there isn't enough Wishfulshipping around there.

I don't like the Dento focus episodes, thanks to their incredibly bad writing. And I do keep getting pissed that there isn't enough wishfulshipping around there.

The first part of Best Wishes Season 2 gave Dawn and Cynthia way too much screentime. The second part of Best Wishes Season 2 made anyone who didn't have a focus episode walking background. My goodness, will I never stop complaining about Season 2? Probably not.

However, Larry  Krookodile was a great addition. Dragonite-in-sync-with-Iris was also nice, once we got over the Overly-Strong-Crazy-Dragonite-Addition-To-The-Team thing. And Dento.....has not even gotten a proper time to shine. I guess the only time was the tag battle with the two crossdressing brothers in episode 15. And of course, when Satoshi is around, no one else gets to say a word.

Why does my favourite couple get no ship teases while Satoshi x Anyone is running amok?!

Never mind. In my (game) headcanon, they're either smooching in the Champion's room before the main character or some random challenger bursts in (Nice Rainbow Road atmosphere, Iris), or otherwise in the backroom of the Striaton Cafe. Cress(Corn), Chili(Pod), and Drayden(Shaga) are all watching through the window.

Will Best Wishes Season 2: Episode N screw them up also? I seriously hope not. On the other hand, I hope there won't be too much KiraShipping or whatever N x Iris is called. N x Satoshi? Ewwwwwww. Face it, N ships are just freaky. And that includes you, FerrisWheelShipping!

Season 1 Wishfulshipping, come back! We miss you so much!

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