Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Pokemon movie that

-Does NOT have a human someone trying to steal the resident legendary pokemon that has lived there for about a few million years.
-Does NOT have excessive COtDs that steal the travelling companions' airtime and usefulness.
-Does NOT have Team Rocket doing something stupid. Yes, trying to climb the Sword of the Vale to kidnap Victini while it is rising into the air counts as stupid.
-Does NOT have an incredibly strong and/or powerful pokemon that is already justified to be really strong, yet somehow cannot defend itself against a measly human and requires the help of a random ten-year-old with a pikachu to save them. I mean, what can we do to you, other than throw little red-and-white capsules at you?
-Does NOT have a (often legendary) pokemon that cannot talk and refuses to socialise with anyone other than Ash/Satoshi and the random gaudy COtD. Either that, or just one member of the cast, and no one else. I'm looking at YOU, Jirachi.
-Does NOR have a fake death, whether human or pokemon.
-Does NOT take place in an ancient city with an ancient history and ancient buildings, just asking to be knocked down by giant legendary pokemon living in said ancient city.
-Does NOT have Satoshi being elected as a chosen legend of whatever is convenient in the region. "And the World Shall Turn to Ash" comes to mind.
-DOES have all three, or in the case of Hoenn, all four main characters doings something significant for the plot. Probably the biggest offender yet.

Am I being biased? Hell, yes, I am. But am I excited for a movie that follows all the above requirements? YES, I am. What movie would that be that comes out in less than a week?

Hmmm. I wonder what it could be. 

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