Friday, December 14, 2012

I downloaded M15 yesterday.

The english version.

It was incredibly pixellated, and Cartoon Network had made awkward pauses at places that shouldn't have had awkward pauses.

Dento appeared to be hit with the quality stick one too many times to count, thanks to the pixels.

And the quality sucked.

But I didn't care. Why?

Because the movie was bloody freaking AWESOME. 

Keldeo was badass, the Sacred Swordsmen were badass, Satoshi, Iris, and Dento were badass, and above all, Kyurem was even more badass. Regular Kyurem, Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, squeeeeeeeeeee.

Oh, wait. That's a little outdated. We should change that.


Kyurem, you are now one of my favourite-est pokemon evar. 
Thumbs up for M15!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Riolu Hunting

That's the last time I go Riolu hunting.

First, I ran around Floccesy ranch like a lunatic for two hours looking for Riolu, and finding nothing by lillipups, psyducks dancing gangnam style, crying azurills, etc etc.

Note I have really high expectations for my team, so I was searching for a female Riolu.

Then, out it came!

But it was a male. Level 7. By then, I was crazy desperate.

Then, I realised I had only three pokeballs left.
Well, damn.

I had four members on the team: Overlevelled Oshawott, Attack-oriented Sewaddle, Pidove, and Purrloin. Of the three, I knew my Oshawott and Sewaddle would definitely OHKO the little thing. Purrloin was at the front. With half its remaining HP.



Purrloin fainted. Ouch.

I sent out Oshawott next.

The Riolu had 3/5 of its HP left. I threw a pokeball.

It broke out. Two to go.

I threw another one. It broke out. One to go.

I switched Oshawott for Pidove. Surely a quick attack wouldn't defeat it.

It did. Riolu fainted. Ouch.

After that, I went to the pokemon centre and bought nine pokeballs for round two.

After another hour of crazy searching, another Riolu finally emerged.

You nasty little troll, you.

This time, it was a female, Level 5. 

And it took twice the amout of time to capture, because I was so afraid of knocking it out again. Plus, female Riolus are extra hard to find. 

Success. The Riolu had a good nature(Rash), and Inner Focus.

I moved Riolu to the front for training. 

Then, out came a Riolu. And another. And another. And another. 

All of them came out right after I spent three hours running around like mad to find one measly Riolu. 

My Riolu and I had great fun beating the crap out of them. 

That's the last time I go Riolu hunting.

Cower in Fear, Cheren! The Riolu Kid is here! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

The sudden realisation---

that Sir Aaron is voiced by Cilan in english and Cobalion in japanese. 
Also, Clay, Hugh, and Colress voice Lucario in English while N voices (japanese) Lucario. 

And the level of HoYay between Lucario and Sir Aaron....Like, wow. Not to mention the highly bishonen Sir Aaron. 

Max, is it really all right to feed a pokemon chocolate? 

I think this movie gets to be up in the ranks with M03. 

I feel Kidd was highly unnecessary, though. She was practically a spotlight-stealer for May, Max, and Brock. Also, her hairstyle would freak even Iris out. And the part where Ash suddenly becomes athletic enough to jump on random friction-less platforms is quite, quite questionable. Finally, what mystery of mew, exactly?! 

Nevertheless, still better than quite a number of pokemon movies. 

Yes! Kotetsu's Riolu is going to evolve! This is going to be awesome.

I can't decide who's going to win, Pikachu or Lucario. As long as they don't make it like Ash vs Shooti, this is going to be one awesome final battle.

Guess who's about to get possessed.
The Evil Maractus is really quite freaky.
The Evil Lilligant will probably just be really hot.
Hello there, Colress. I can't deny you're hot. 

Also, what. 
Looks like Team Plasma has invaded the Pokemon Centres and  Toys 'R' Us-es in Japan. 
Must've been N. 
Is Dento one of the Shadow Triad yet?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

So apparently these were the only screenshots I actually took notice of this episode. Lack of wishfulshipping has led to desperate shipping extremes. 

Just look at how much she's fawning over him. This has got to be canon.

Also, Mijumaru this episode. He hasn't acted like that since BW48, now he's back to square one again. Couldn't you writers come up with something better? 

Nice reactions shots, though. 

Holy crap, that N. Dento's long lost brother has returned. Look how similar they sound, even!

The Balloon's back. Does this mean Team Rocket is getting stupid again? Who knows?

Reshiram. Zekrom. Colress. Ghetsis. I can't keep up!

The Best Wishes Trio. 
N. Reshiram.
Team Plasma.
Dento. Iris. 
Yanappu on Charizard. 
Team Rocket.
Dento, why the hell are you so freaking hot in there? 

Looks like my birthday gift finally arrived. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This month's Pokemon Special chapters are making me squeal with endless delight. I'm doing that a lot, actually. Huge thanks to Kanyuu from Tumblr for scanning these things for people like us. If you lived around me, I'd pay you for these things. Also, screenshots from Pokemon Special's official website.

Movie references! M15 movie references! Cue Sacred Swordsmen fangirling.

Sacred Swordsmen vs Mello cosplayers Shadow Triad! 

THIS. The moment we've all been waiting for. ST vs ST! Wait. Which ST? I forgot. 
Either way, the three bishonen gym leaders of Striaton Gym have finally returned! Hooray! 
Also, did they even think to remove their aprons before crashing into the P2 laboratory? Nope. That's how classy we are, people. 

Sadly, this proves my theory dead wrong. Which is sad, because I liked my theory, which is different from the regular theory. Well, there's always headcanon.

Tula is the most adorable galvanulta in the world. Until he meets Denchura, who acts just like him.

Random youngster dude on the Crustle is win. I wish Anime Dento would do start doing it.
Were Whimsicotts always that small? I had no idea.

The Unova Elite four, one of my favourite elite fours together with the Hoenn one. The only two elite fours awesome enough to get their own battle music. Also, the moment that you realise Shauntal's back is bare is--something. 

How Drayden can get anything through that inexplicable beard of his is beyond me. At least he gets more airtime here. 
Also, hot Caitlin and creepy Gothitelle. 

Excuse while I squee nonstop on agencyshipping and adorable Tula.

How exactly are the two of them not keeling over from each other's hotness? They should be at that age by now.

Remember what I said about Tula being the cutest galvantula ever? 

I have nothing to say. These two pages are just perfect. 

Once again, adorably adorable Tula.

Man, I freaking love this arc. 

Also, the gym leaders are getting trolled over a lot more nowadays. Remember the RGB chapter, when they didn't lose? That changed rapidly. 

Be right back, fangirling over numerous things of fangirling interest. Like this post. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

I still wuv the Title Theme for M15. Not that the others aren't good, but I like that it's one of the closest to the original pokemon soundtrack. That, and that it's one of the simplest ones out there.

On another interesting note,

0:19-0:30; Is that you, Hugh?

 1:22-1:32, if anyone's interested.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Pokemon movie that

-Does NOT have a human someone trying to steal the resident legendary pokemon that has lived there for about a few million years.
-Does NOT have excessive COtDs that steal the travelling companions' airtime and usefulness.
-Does NOT have Team Rocket doing something stupid. Yes, trying to climb the Sword of the Vale to kidnap Victini while it is rising into the air counts as stupid.
-Does NOT have an incredibly strong and/or powerful pokemon that is already justified to be really strong, yet somehow cannot defend itself against a measly human and requires the help of a random ten-year-old with a pikachu to save them. I mean, what can we do to you, other than throw little red-and-white capsules at you?
-Does NOT have a (often legendary) pokemon that cannot talk and refuses to socialise with anyone other than Ash/Satoshi and the random gaudy COtD. Either that, or just one member of the cast, and no one else. I'm looking at YOU, Jirachi.
-Does NOR have a fake death, whether human or pokemon.
-Does NOT take place in an ancient city with an ancient history and ancient buildings, just asking to be knocked down by giant legendary pokemon living in said ancient city.
-Does NOT have Satoshi being elected as a chosen legend of whatever is convenient in the region. "And the World Shall Turn to Ash" comes to mind.
-DOES have all three, or in the case of Hoenn, all four main characters doings something significant for the plot. Probably the biggest offender yet.

Am I being biased? Hell, yes, I am. But am I excited for a movie that follows all the above requirements? YES, I am. What movie would that be that comes out in less than a week?

Hmmm. I wonder what it could be. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I still don't see N in there....

For all the talk about him being to one to kick Satoshi's ass in the League (making Satoshi the new Alder-guy), there sure isn't much sign of him anywhere. Maybe he'll just randomly appear and crash the place with his Reshiram. Not that I mind, I'm a pyromaniac at heart. Muahahaha.

Also, why does he have a Reshiram? Is this Pokemon White now? I thought Japanese fans were more partial to Pokemon Black. I guess Satoshi doesn't look all that bad with a Zekrom, but---- eh. Who am I to judge? 

From Bulbagarden forums: 

"I love the personalities between the three. Virizion is like the careful mother, Terrakion the boisterous uncle, and Cobalion the stern father."

I know, right? 

Finally, a pokemon movie that's getting me excited. And without all the excess COtDs. 

Hi there, random tympoles. 

In Best Wishes Season 2,
I mostly like the Iris focus episodes, but I keep getting pissed that there isn't enough Wishfulshipping around there.

I don't like the Dento focus episodes, thanks to their incredibly bad writing. And I do keep getting pissed that there isn't enough wishfulshipping around there.

The first part of Best Wishes Season 2 gave Dawn and Cynthia way too much screentime. The second part of Best Wishes Season 2 made anyone who didn't have a focus episode walking background. My goodness, will I never stop complaining about Season 2? Probably not.

However, Larry  Krookodile was a great addition. Dragonite-in-sync-with-Iris was also nice, once we got over the Overly-Strong-Crazy-Dragonite-Addition-To-The-Team thing. And Dento.....has not even gotten a proper time to shine. I guess the only time was the tag battle with the two crossdressing brothers in episode 15. And of course, when Satoshi is around, no one else gets to say a word.

Why does my favourite couple get no ship teases while Satoshi x Anyone is running amok?!

Never mind. In my (game) headcanon, they're either smooching in the Champion's room before the main character or some random challenger bursts in (Nice Rainbow Road atmosphere, Iris), or otherwise in the backroom of the Striaton Cafe. Cress(Corn), Chili(Pod), and Drayden(Shaga) are all watching through the window.

Will Best Wishes Season 2: Episode N screw them up also? I seriously hope not. On the other hand, I hope there won't be too much KiraShipping or whatever N x Iris is called. N x Satoshi? Ewwwwwww. Face it, N ships are just freaky. And that includes you, FerrisWheelShipping!

Season 1 Wishfulshipping, come back! We miss you so much!
I simply love the M15 soundtrack, but I really wonder why that user doesn't have more views on his/her/their site. It even has music from the previous movies! Not that I mind; it means less flame wars and more music enjoyment, that I like. Especially from M15.

To the person who put it up for my selfish person to listen to, I thank you very much.

Pokemon Updates Tidal Wave

This is one of the best times of the year and one of the most agonising.

There is simply so much incredible pokemon news and so many pokemon events happening now that I can't stop fangirling like a twit. But it means I have to wait constantly to get the stuff free or even to get my hands on little updates left and right. And I don't have much patience for anything.

Pokemon Movie 15: Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo( Kyurem vs the Sword of Justice) 

M15, Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo (Sword of Justice) comes out on December 8th in English, December 19th in Japanese. I've heard tons of wonderful things, and based on the the spoilers, the sneak peeks, and the fact that I actually approve of the storyline, unlike several other pokemon movies, it's the closest thing I can start fangirling about. Also, I need to find out when my friend with a Cartoon Network channel returns home so I can break into her house and watch this. Who doesn't want to see Kyurem and Keldeo match each other in a no-holds-barred-beatdown?!

Pokemon Best Wishes Season 2: Episode N

After the disaster that was the cancelled Team Plasma episodes, no one, repeat, no one, held any hopes of further game canon for Pokemon's favourite(for most, not mine) character of all time; N. Cue giant WHAM! trailer in the face. I still don't know whether to be excited about this. Many people are terrified, thanks to the anime "Screwing up some personalities" (Cilan, Iris, Skyla, and Bianca come to mind). For now, we just wait and see if N turns out to be the Friendly FoeYay victim of the BW games or the Well-intentioned extremist Jerkass of Pokemon Special.

Pokemon Special's Black and White Chapter Reaches its Climax

I don't think I've loved any two arc more than the BW arc. AgencyShipping just screams canon to the readers, Black and White are Mr. and Ms. Fanservice respectively, and the pokemon are just squee. A prime example is Black's Tula, the cutest giant tarantula in the world(except for MY Denchura). The artwork is as great as ever, if not even more awesome thanks to Art Evolution, and practically every chapter of this thing is hitting you with a Wham Episode. Also, evil lilligants are cute. 

Starting out Pokemon Black and White 2

Okay, so I know I'm a little late to join the club, but still. Since my major exams ended, I haven't even had enough time to start on the new games I got. The best part is that this time round, I got myself both of versions, despite not having actually played Pokemon Black. Just because I've become this much of a nerd. I've heard some great things, and even though I'm a lousy player, I still have hopes I can complete the games
well. Make no mistake, I plan to.

Finding someone else to play pokemon with me

After months of glib-talking and persuasion, I finally managed to talk one of my friends into getting a second-hand black version and playing along with me. Incredible. I remember the fun I used to have when I still had pokemon-playing friends; it was fun, very. It may take a while, but at least I won't be sharing pathetic gen V jokes by myself while trying to remember what things are still relevant to Gen I and everyone else around me.  Just as planned.

Well, that's it for now. But it's still plenty enough to make me go crazy on the laptop, running back to the same few sites just to see if any breaking news rolled in. GIMME MY UPDATES AND GIVE THEM TO ME NOW, INTERNET! 

Yeah. Time to go back to tumblr.