Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Would Yanappu write Dento's name in a Death Note? Probably.

Still, I can't decide which ending I like better for Death Note; the Anime ending or the Manga ending. And then there's the Movie ending, which I haven't even watched yet.

Manga ending: More conclusive, but you really feel nothing for Light Yagami during his Villainous BSOD. And Ryuk shows his really nasty Shinigami side. Also, they actually tell us what happens to Near and stuff.

Anime Ending: Okay, now you can't help but feel sorry for Light. He's regretting it now. And Ryuk is slightly kinder--he didn't stand right in front of Light's face and show him the name on the Death Note. The ending sort of implies that Light kind of died of exhaustion, rather than of a heart attack. Also that he had serious HoYay with L.

And with that, I'm ending my series of Death Note for now. I guess it was okay, but nothing particularly awesome. Back to Pokemon.

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