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Some good episodes from Best Wishes Season 1, part two

Right! So Bulbapedia's up again, so it's time to write finish the list of what I consider the better episodes from Best Wishes Season 1. Let's carry on.
note: I tend to flit in and out between the japanese and english names very often, so if you need help understanding stuff, Bulbapedia's there for you.

54) Satoshi VS Champion Adeku!

Champion Alder debut! Shooti's back! Exactly what it says on the title, Satoshi vs the Champion. Also, Alder himself should make you laugh a little. Nice to see how they kept him similar to the games. Too bad he didn't flirt this much in the game, though. Brock, meet your grandpa.

 59) Kaiketsu A☆Gilder VS Freege Man!

Holy hell, this episode. This episode is awesome. It has shades of the old Generation I idiocy at full power, a filler character that actually exists in the games(although not this much of a loser), wishfulshipping, flying ice-cream, and TEAM--Vanillite? Eh. You should like it. No Heartbreaker showing you how to do rotation or triple battles, though. 

60) A Brotherly Battle between Dent and PodBaoppu VS Yanappu

Look who it is. Ichigo  Chili's back!(Why do I refer to him as Chili and his brother as Dento?) I love it when Gym Leaders make recurring appearances. Brock, Misty, and Dento don't count. Character Development, proof that Dento did not choose to follow Satoshi out of pure CafeMochaShipping-ness, proof that Yanappu is awesome, YANAPPU, Yanappu having a personality, and fanservice for the millions of Chili fangirls. A good Dento focus episode, in short. Not like that stupid Best Wishes  Season 2. 

61 and 62) Tornelos VS Voltolos VS Landlos! (Part 1 and 2)

Another two-parter, now introducing the Kami trio, as they're called. I won't exactly say it's really awesome, but I guess it's okay. They could've introduced a little later, I mean, we're only informed about them in the game at route 7. Nothing to complain about in particular, other than the fact that they had to give Lilligant a lousy entrance. Also, Yuto/Lewis has got to be the girliest guy in the anime so far, what with his anime hair, both of his pokemon resembling females, and him living alone on Milos Island. Team Rocket, a little wishfulshipping, some cool action battles, Yanappu vs Tornadus, and it makes for a pretty good two-parter. Again, probably better in japanese than english.

63) Underground Gym Battle! VS Yacon!!

Oh, here we go! the second in line of the awesome chain of awesome Isshu gym battles. This time, vs Clay. Wishfulshipping, some actually good battles, Ash actually using his brain, and--can it be?! Gym Leader's Final Pokemon music playing in the background? This is one episode (and a gym battle episode, even!) that is definitely worth the twenty minutes of watching. Not that I've caught the english one, but it's still probably better in japanese. 

64)  BachuruDentula! The Electric Rock Cave!!

Welcome to Chargestone cave! Mind the jumping electric spiders! Team Rocket's back again after the Kami Trio fiasco, Bianca supports game canon and makes her reappearance at the chargestone cave, along with Professor Juniper, and everyone gets to do something together this episode! For DP fans wanting some nostalgia, route 201 music plays somewhere in the middle, which is a nice reminder that the writers still favour Dawn. Hmmph. At least the episode itself is one of the best ones in Best Wishes. I haven't dared to hear how they dubbed Galvantula's cry, so no comments on the english version yet. 

65) Trade Evolution! Chevargo and Agilder!!

An episode connected to the previous one! Double battles of awesomeness! Although Escavalier is way too fast in the anime, I don't care about that much, because the episode itself is good. Dento-Satoshi tag battle vs  Bianca and Professor Juniper, and two of the fan-favourite (as far as they go in BW, at least) bug types. Also, wonderful animation during the battle.  

66) The Black Hero's Ruins! Symboler and Desukarn!!

CEDRIC JUNIPER. Or Paparagi, if you will. That's all you need for this episode to be hilarious and awesome at the same time. Yet again connected with the previous episode, and..can it also be? A reference to the White Version of the games? If I didn't know better, I'd have thought this was the anime version of the  Relic Castle. Maybe it is. Who knows? Wishfulshipping again, and the Best Wishes trio acting quite a lot in sync, something to be happy about. Again, one of the best episodes of Best Wishes, if you watch in japanese. I'll leave it at "eh".

67)  Double Battle! Pikachu & Waruvile VS Pendror & Gamageroge!!

Not one, not two, but three episodes connected to the Chargestone Cave storyline! The Sunglasses Larry  Krokorok makes his reappearance, and some cool double battling come along to boot. It's a little disturbing that the little bully kid has a lower voice than Satoshi or Dento, but whatever. It's the ending that really gets us. Also, Iris goes all out to mention that her boyfriend  travelling partner is a gym leader, when even he didn't think to mention it! That's wishfulshipping for you! 

68) Afro GO! Buffron NO!!

The picture itself should be enough evidence about how idiotic and funny this episode can get. How do you make the audience laugh? Dress everyone up in an afro, that's what! Some character development on the side of the three starters, whom Iris is unfortunately stuck with, is always good. And of course, the constant comments on why Nurse Joy couldn't just show them the route out of the forest instead of giving them afro wigs. Funny classic best wishes episode for you. A Stunfisk or Crustle in an afro would've been awesome, though. 

69)  Fukiyose Gym Air Battle! Challenger Dent!?

This one is always a little conflicting. Good, because we get to see that Dento doesn't forget he is actually a bloody gym leader (something that Brock and Misty seem to forget way too often), and that he actually stands up to the stupid things some people do. Bad, because of the Yanappu (though that was to be expected) and Stunfisk abuse, and the badly written battle between Dento and Skyla. And because this episode pretty much made me hate Anime!Skyla quite a bit, even though she doesn't do anything of this sort on the games and manga. She does make you get concussions on the walls of her gym, but that's another story. But this episode is quite a good prequel to the next one, which made me love the after-episode even more. Also, it did make me like Dento even more than before, if that was possible, and also make me quite excited for the next episode. Passable? I guess. But awesome? Not yet. 

70)  Fukiyose Gym! VS Fuuro, A Decisive Air Battle!!

Aaaaand here we go! The next gym battle! The gym battle is wonderful, because 1) We want to see an awesomely animated gym battle full of awesomeness, and 2) We just want to see Skyla get her ass kicked after what happened in the last episode. This one doesn't disappoint (other than for poor Waruvile, who ends up as the first one to fall in battle). Pikachu vs Swanna was a little screwed up, but Kenhallow vs Swanna was perfect. The music, the animation, the SATOSHI (really, you actually feel like cheering him on when watching this thing)...all add up to make a really good episode. Once again, applies only to japanese. The english climax simply can't compare to it. 

71) Barrier Breakthrough! Climb The Tower Of The Sky!!

THIS EPISODE IS THE EPISODE OF EPISODES. Dear god, quiz questions, scavenger hunts, boating races, cross-dressing, forest jogs with chandeliers that suck your soul, and Celestial Tower! Kenyan is just plain funny, COtD kid gets his comeuppance, Iris gets to look cute in her cosplay, and Dento---

Just go watch the damn episode. This may also make you want to punch Anime!Skyla's grandad in the face as well as Anime!Skyla herself, but we won't get into that. 

76)  Rescue KibagoAiant's Nest!!

Well, Axew gets lost. AGAIN. What's new? But this one involves only three humans today, something that we always like to see(COtDs take up way too much time). Also, Leavanny's debut! Satoshi actually rotating his team around! He deserves to be praised for that this season, truthfully. Pretty amusing, a little wishfulshipping back again, and the tempting urge to go to Victory Road and beat up a few durants of your own after the episode is done. Did they just stumble into the Victory road by accident?

79) Flaming Memories! Pokabu VS Enbuoh!!

Just from the episode itself, you can tell this is going to be a Crowning Moment Of Tearjerker and Heartwarming combined. The line of abandoned fire-types in each region continues with our beloved Pokabu, and [SPOILER ALERT] if this episode doesn't make you ship Pignite X Snivy....

You just aren't cut out for shipping.

81) Sekka Gym Battle! Ice Battlefield!!

Sunglasses Larry  Waruvile vs a Kung Fu Panda  Polar Bear! The Seventh gym battle brings us a battle of badassery, against BrycenMan. Other than Waruvile, who already has a grudge against Tunbear, Ash's choices are surprisingly sound, and he makes for a good gym battle. The slightly bigger ice cream is admittedly kind of scary, but whatever. Especially by the picture, you can tell the scale of awesomeness this battle is going to bring. 

82) Pok√©mon Sommelier Showdown! Tasting Battle!!

The Dento Animation in the episode is just making me drool. Put next to that COtD guy, he looks even better. So apparently Dento is the only sommelier who doesn't have a wine-related name. Cabernet is back, and she seems to have taken some lessons from Team Rocket in blasting off. Iris and Satoshi actually showing concern for their friend is really sweet throughout the episode. It makes you wonder how Dento would've reacted if the little kid's pokemon were from Kanto (all grass/poison types except Tangela) or even Hoenn or anything else, but since they're just that isolated from the other regions, the grass/poison typing really stands out. Amusing for a break from the main storyline for a Dento-focused episode.  

83)  Tesseed Research Institute! Iris and Baivanilla!!

One Dento-focused episode, then one Iris-focused episode. Nice pattern. Character development for Iris, the return of Langley, and the debut of one of the most controversial pokemon in Gen V yet; Vanilluxe. The Ferroseed debut is a little late, but better late than never. Wishfulshipping for a few minutes, character development for Iris and Langley, and a small water otter in love with a giant two-headed ice-cream that is in love with a baby fanged dragon that is terrified of it. Beautiful. 

84) Movie Showdown! Sortie, Isshu Defense Group!!

It may not be as awesome as the last idiot filming session (see episode 40), but this one is still pretty neat. We get to see a previously unexplored part of Isshu only available to Black and White 2, the PokeWood studios! Although Pokestar isn't as catchy a name, whatever. Filming time comes again, ridiculously fanboyish Dento, Larry  Waruvial debut, and green screens! George Lucas would be proud. The storyline could've been better, but when you have mecha tyrannitars and Dento dressing up as Ghetsis  a weird alien thing, who cares? Also, Meloetta makes her/its debut in this episode. What the heck is she doing? Running from TEAM ROCKET, that's who! 

85 and 86) Fierce Fighting at Tachiwaki Gym! VS Homika!! (Part 1 and 2)

Can it be?! The last gym battle's here! Too bad it wasn't Drayden, but better Roxie than Marlon, since Cress  has already shown us the best way to beat Satoshi up back in BW episode 5. Roxie has received quite a power upgrade compared to her game team, but that's because the writers thought it important to make her the eighth gym leader for some reason. Nevertheless, the 6 vs 3 thing finally makes things a little more serious, and likens this 2-parter to the games, like how we normally enjoy bringing in a whole army of pokemon to use against the gym leaders' two or three measly fighters. We're such dreadful people. The Best Wishes Trio thing really stands out here, and it shows how differently Dento and Iris now react to Satoshi; From Iris just making snide comments about Satoshi's bad selections in the first gym battle, to cheering him on hard just at the climax of the last round. Epic. Also the hilarious wishfulshipping scene, and the heartwarming ending that doubles as a crowning moment of awesome for Satoshi. Way to go! 

And that's it for the wonderful episodes from Best Wishes Season 1. 
Now. Why can't Best Wishes Season 2 be a little more like that?! It's like they decided, "Ah, screw Season 1. Let's go botch up Season 2!" Right after they confidently assured us that Dento was a great sommelier and that he actually had some skill to speak of in Sommelier and Detective work, they decided to make him look like an idiot in the Cubchoo episode and then one again in the Braviary episode. Right after the episode finale with the great job they did with bonding the trio, they decided to make everyone stand apart from each other as far as possible by making them go off with a COtD (Satoshi and Dento), or making them just stand away from the other two just a little too much (Iris). Or even better; they brought back Dawn and Cynthia! Way to give Dento and Iris even less airtime at the start of Best Wishes Season 2! Honestly, it's been 17 episodes so far, and I can count the number of good episodes with one hand. It may be a little biased, since I didn't find the beginning of Season 1 as good as the after-part, but you'd think they'd pick up and make a better plot, after the excellent work they did in Best Wishes Season 1. Especially the wishfulshipping, which is lacking very sorely. There does happen to be a lot of Pearlshipping in the first part of Season 2, though, and some Cynthia x Anybody. Let's see if they'll pick up the pace when the Eevee Episodes show up. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jonny Jolteon  those eeveelutions. 

Meanwhile, back to Season 1 it is. 

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