Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some good episodes from Best Wishes Season 1

Because I need a place to point my friends to, I made up a list of notably good episodes from Best Wishes Season 1. Best Wishes Season 2--eh. In japanese chronological order, as far as possible.

5) Sanyou Gym! VS BaoppuHiyappu and Yanappu!!

Ash's first gym battle. Dento(and his brother)'s debut. Yanappu (and Hiyappu and Baoppu)'s debut. Need I say more? 

11) Ishizumai! Take Back Your House!!

Well-animated episode, wishfulshipping hints, and a new pokemon for Dento. And Yanappu. If you like Dwebbles, you'll love this episode. Not one, not two, not three, but four dwebbles! 

13) Chillarmy is a Neat Freak!?

Bianca's debut. Maybe not so good for you if you don't like Bianca. I happen to like Bianca. Pignite and Minccino debut also. If you're a fan of Minccino or Pignite, this episode is yours.  

14) Shippou City! The Big Adventure at the Museum!!

More wishfulshipping! And a possessed Dento! And a haunted museum! And ...wishfulshipping? Man, I'm biased.

19) Sommelier Showdown! Ishizumai VS Futachimaru!!

YANAPPU'S RAPE FACE. Also, good animation. If you like Cabernet, this episode is good. If you don't----it's still good. I won't specify why. Also contains some SommelierShipping, but that isn't my business. 

The Fishing Sommelier -Dent Appears!

Yanappu again! Dento focus episode! Bianca's back! The Fishing Sommelier has arrived! And...Team Rocket is actually acting stupid! Also, if you're a fan of tentacle rape (you dirty person, you)...

...You should be quite pleased. Bianca supports BestWishesShipping! 

29)  The Scary Story of the Hitomoshi Mansion!

If you watched the Gen I Lavender Tower episode and liked it, you'll definitely love this episode. Except that it's probably scarier than the old one. Those gen five pokemon...*shudder*

 32) The Monmen in Love Rides the Wind!

This has GOT to be one of my favourite episodes. It involves all three of the Best Wishes trio acting perfectly like themselves(thick Satoshi, passionate Iris, gentle-r Dento), wishfulshipping hints, and an adorably hilarious Satoshi acting oblivious to everything in the episode. And also Team Rocket. And an ending with Route 6 music. Who does not love Route 6 music?! 

34) Rival Battle! VanipetiDokkorer Compete in a Battle!!

Yanappu. Shooti. Dento being funny. And Mijumaru! No wishfulshipping, but the episode is amusing enough to go on without it. A rival battle much better than the previous Curb Stomp Battle. 

35) GamagaruMaggyo! Battle on the Waterfront!!

An episode connected to the previous with a storyline? Awesome! Fishing Sommelier madness? Awesome! Oshawott? Awesome! Stunfisk debut? Sign me up! 

36) The Dragon Buster Appears! Iris and Doryuzu!!

Langley's debut. If  you like her, good for you. If you don't like her, same as Cabernet, still good for you. Iris and Doryuzu focus episode. If it doesn't make you cry---well. Also, wishfulshipping hints again. If you don't like Satoshi, this episode'll be pretty good, because he spends the twenty minutes being moving background. It's like the "Bleach Episode 141" of Best Wishes. And finally, Route 6 music at the ending.

38) Sommelier-Detective Dent! The Case of the Disappearing Tabunne!!

Detective Sommelier Dento is here! With Team Rocket! It also pretty much shows how Dento is different from Brock. Just look at how he hangs out with Officer Jenny without flipping! If you squint, there's Wishfulshipping. 

39) Zorua The Movie! The Legend of the Pok√©mon Knight!!

THIS EPISODE. This episode has got to be one of the best episodes in Best Wishes. Pirate Dento, Dragon Master Iris, Sir Aaron or Riley  Pokemon Knight Satoshi and his trusty Lucario  Pikachu! A crazy camera-freak geek! And......TEAM ROCKET! Finally, Wishfulshipping, just a hint if you look carefully. 

42) The Fiercely Fought Don Battle! Tsutarja VS Komatana!!

Dento vs Shooti in the most awesome battle ever. Rock Slide. Satoshi vs Langley in the most awesome battle intro ever. Again, a little wishfulshipping here and there. And of course, Dento in fluffy green 
bedroom slippers

44) Decisive Don Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

I'm picking this episode mostly for the second half. As in, Satoshi vs Iris. Luke vs Iris wasn't all that good, but Excadrill vs Pikachu is really good. Also, funny Bianca and Luke during the final battle. One of the few episodes that also sounds pretty good in english as well as japanese. 

46) Beware of ChoronekoNyarth and Mijumaru!!

CHORONEKO. Or rather, Purrloin. The storyline. Good looking Dento animation, some wishfulshipping, Mijumaru. Also, it sounds much better in japanese than english. At least Misha doesn't sound stoned in japanese. 

49 and 50) Flat-out Run! Battle Subway!! (Part 1 and 2))

I don't know about anyone else, but I kind of liked this episode. The One Hour version. The animation. Metro Sommelier Dento. Team Rocket (temporarily) victorious. Subway Masters Ingo and Emmet (Though I admit, they're too normal in the anime). The storyline could be better, but it's pretty good. The Pokemon breaking out part and the humans rushing to the trains are also quite, quite cool.

52) Raimon Gym! Magnificent Electric Shock Battle!!

Gym battles are always worth watching, but this is the start of the wonderful chain of Isshu Gym battles Satoshi has. The animation, the greater-than-a-hint-wishfulshipping, the trademark Satoshi idiocy, facepalming friends, and the "To Each Ending" battle music during the final round between Pikachu and Tynamo. A wonderful, wonderful episode. 

53) SatoshiDent VS Subway Masters!

The episode is good, pretty much for what the episode boasts: The Subway Master Battle. Yanappu (and Tepig) may have lost, but at least they got a chance to show their skills a little first. It sounds much better in japanese than english. Although I have to say, Ingo and Emmet REALLY are way too friendly and normal in the anime. 

I think I need to stop here for now; I'm clogging up the post. But that's it for the first half of Best Wishes Season 1. 

Are you listening, writers?! Make Best Wishes Season 2 a little more like that! 

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