Thursday, November 1, 2012

So I finally downloaded the subbed version of the Daikenki vs Mantine gym battle.

And the Daikenki's badass level--

      Pretty much on this level. It's got to be the most awesome pokemon that's showed up in the Best Wishes Season 2 anime after Larry  Krookodile yet. That Kotetsu dude is really on my favourites list now; Please don't boot him out of the League so quickly, writers, we know you've already kicked Shooti out. I think. 

     Also, speaking of Samurott, Cedric Juniper is definitely your resident badass professor. In the Anime, he gets in and out of traps by literally pulling off a series of Leeroy Jenkins. Also, he manages to steal the whatever Artifact of the Day without the  main characters even noticing. In the Games, he's highly implied to be badass, though unfortunately we never get to battle him. And in the Pokemon Special Manga---see for yourself. 

This also tallies the scores for the Pokemon Professors so far:
-Professor Oak gets kidnapped by Team Rocket (albeit the Gym leaders) and has to be rescued by his grandson and two random other kiddos. Sadly, he couldn't do much after that.
-Professor Elm got his ass kicked by Silver and got not one, but two of his starters taken away without his consent. And then Chikorita decided to disfigure him a little before running away to find her(his? Its?) trainer. 
-Professor Birch got ambushed by two mightyenas(at least not a zigzagoon this time) and then got his pokedex and his mudkip taken by his new neighbour who had conveniently run away from home with no way of contacting him. Later, he got stranded on a tree thanks to Kyogre's flood and then lost his treecko and his last pokedex when he nearly drowned. Wally picked it up and stuff got better. 
-Professor Rowan got trapped by the Team Galactic grunt (working under Sird, but we don't talk about that) together with Professor Berlitz inside a box to be used as a ransom thing to stir up trouble. He got out, but had to be taken care of by Byron. Later, he showed up at Spear Pillar to try and stop Dialga and Palkia, but failed. 
-Professor Juniper got her lab trashed by three little starter pokemon with sanity issues, got her front door trashed by two of them having a little cat fight when tepig ran away, and got two out of her three pokedexes destroyed after Black dropped them in a puddle. Oh, and the last pokedex is in Black's hands. Not a good sign. Right after that happened, her lab got trashed AGAIN by Cheren and Bianca. Probably has the record as the biggest butt monkey professor yet. Later shows up to confront N and has to endure his finger pointing at---a certain position. Oh, Satoshi Yamamoto, you tease.
-Finally, Cedric Juniper debuted when he met up with Iris to discuss the Three Muskedeers. And then he shows up to give White her pokedex. And then he shows up with a goddam Samurott that proceeds to kick N's ass. 
Kind of like the Champions kind of thing, isn't it? 

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