Thursday, November 8, 2012

So before the episode came out, everyone hated Iris and just wanted her to snuff it. Especially after the PWTJC and Dragonite fiasco. Personally, I just wanted the Dragonite to snuff it. At least they tightened the Dragonite-Iris bond in this episode. The lack of salamence evolutionary line pokemon saddens me.

Iris scaring snooty girls. LOL. 

And after the episode comes out, everyone suddenly loves Iris and wants her back. Whaaaat?

People, I loved her from the start. Don't come here and try acting all innocent and cutesy. Take your Fickle Fangirling elsewhere.

Not enough WishfulShipping inside this episode. But at least there aren't that many NeigaiShipping hints either. The writers made an effort to make Dento look caring during the Iris and Excadrill episode; They should've carried that on. Unless the screenshots mislead me and he really was acting caring towards her. Ash---meh. Ash can go off with anyone except Iris. 

Face it, Anime!Drayden is just creepy. Really, really, creepy. And I don't think the episode explained things  well enough; it was way too rushed. But otherwise, I guess it was pretty decent. I guess.

And why don't those writers just give Dento a flashback episode, so people can stop hating on him too? Probably because they can't imagine him as a kid. I can't. Or because he spent his childhood as a shadow triad member. 

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