Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Presenting Hidenori Kusaka (The guy without glasses) and Satoshi Yamamoto (The guy with glasses)

These two have got to be two of the greatest pokemon manga-ka in the entire franchise. Of course, I have read other pokemon manga enough to say they're good too, but these two're just too plain awesome. That, and that Yamamoto draw some very hot BW protagonists. 

Also, how many pokemon hats does Hidenori Kusaka have? An Emolga one, a Minccino one, and a Tepig one--I bet there's more. But I guess it's a BunnyEarsLawyer kind of thing. The two of them really love their hats, don't they?

Now please excuse me while I start whining like a brat about the lucky people who live in France. 

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