Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Like the rest of the Internet, I have now developed a huge liking for the Subway Masters Ingo and Emmet (Nobori and Kudari). I blame the figurines and Pokemon Special.

From TVTropes: "Ingo is such a Perpetual Frowner that he frowns even when he's smiling."


"Ah, so you are about to have a ladies' talk? That sounds interesting, so I will stay and listen. Please continue." 

Look at how similar it looks to the original! 

Although I still have to say, those two are much too normal looking in the pokemon anime. Probably so as not to give the kids too much fanservice. 

Look. They're both smiling. That's not right. 

Again. That's REALLY not right. 

Look at their overworld sprites, even! 

One's scowling (or frowning rather), and one's smiling his head off, like this! Damn, they're adorable. 

Pity I can't battle them again till I do something about my strategies, which consist mainly of thunder wave, a focus sash, and launching low-PP, high-power attacks at the enemy non-stop until all three(or four) pokemon have fainted. Some strategy. 

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