Monday, November 26, 2012

Is it me, or are the writers treating Dento like Brock now? So far, in the first League episode, he hasn't said anything other than "That's right!" and "Satoshi chose his vintage, right from the start!". I guess to make it up, they're not making Iris say much either, but still, she's got plenty more lines than Dento; In fact, the two of them are practically standing in the corner like wallflowers compared to Satoshi and his rivals. Not that I dislike his rivals, but....I need my awesome travelling companions and I need them now! If they don't even get to help out during a huge crisis, like, say, the rescue team work in the eevee episode, what's the point of them even coming along?

Satoshi, you need a pokedex to scan a pokemon you've seen three times? Dude.

Also, watching the eevee episode in raw made me laugh at the eeveelutions' low cries. Especially all of them. Playing the games makes you a bit too accustomed to the foxy sounds they make. Then, you find the anime makes them sound all middle-aged like and you can't stop laughing.

Iris has an excadrill and Dento has a crustle. And neither thinks to use them against the horde of three cryogonal(my god, that's so many!). Remember Season 1, when they'd just throw their pokemon out for the sake of airtime anywhere and everywhere they were? *cough*Ep64 and 66*cough* And Satoshi, with his pignite, can't even drive them back. Man, I love Virgil now, but this writing is seriously a little off-key.

The problem with liking eevee and its eeveelutions is that everyone else loves it, and mostly because it's good in battle. Hell, even the nursery aides specialise in using eeveelutions on the battle subway! You feel like making it your favourite pokemon line doesn't feel special anymore. Plus, you also feel like you just love it superficially, and that you just like collecting them for a set. Just like the eevee meme says, "Why do people always want me to change?". The Anime did a pretty good job making Virgil's female eevee the leader of Team Eevee with its adorable derp!face, and damn, is he an awesome character.

Dammit. I want to be pissed at the writers, but I can't do it while I'm fangirling over Virgil. I guess I'll just do it when M15 comes out. At least Dento and Iris get proper airtime there.

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