Saturday, November 17, 2012

I probably should update that list of good episodes from Best Wishes Season 1. I just found another couple of good ones. A BW 31 example---

Background: Oshawott has just lost his little scalchop, and Ash, having not read the pokedex, doesn't know it can regrow. Iris finds Oshawott a substitute in a Iapapa berry. 

Today, we learn the japanese name for the Iapapa berry. 

It blocked! It works! It's the All New Ya Berry Scalchop! 

It's still blocking! It's-


----Oh, no. 

Oh, dear. 



How did the two halves suddenly become three pieces? 

Wait---what're you guys doing?

Look out, everyone. Iiiiiiit'ss--

-- Synchronised Chewing Time!  
A Pokemon Sommelier, I am not. 

This animator has a very distinct way of drawing smiles that's different from the rest. It's kind of cute. 

This coming from Ash. What tomfoolery is going on here today?! 

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