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I have Best Wishes Headcanon. A lot of pairings are included, so beware. GameVerse and AnimeVerse are blended to form....something. Also, I choose to write it as Dento and not Dent, so I can stop thinking about a green-haired Two-Face.

Best Wishes takes place in the Black and White 2 timeline. The N's Castle fiasco has ended, and a new Team Plasma has surfaced in Unova.

Satoshi (Not so much Ash, more of Satoshi) is a twenty-six year old on youth serums, so he looks ten and acts thirty.  He works as the Director of P.O.K.E.M.O.N. His agents're the sixty-four or so pokemon that he caught, and they follow his orders without complains. He's mostly emotionless, because of a broken relationship (Back with Misty). The closest comic book character that resembles him is, of course, Nick Fury. May, Max, and Dawn were sort of his Secret Warriors, and he has left them to run the separate branches of P.O.K.E.M.O.N in Hoenn and Sinnoh respectively. No one said they did a good job. He refuses to elaborate so far on why he left his original trio of Brock and Misty behind, even though he does comment from time to time that "they were wonderful partners". Iris and Dento are the first few people he's met up to his caliber since Brock and Misty(All the Gym Leader training pays off), and he's starting to warm up a little more. He knows exactly what to do, and he knows exactly how to do it. He is also excellent at acting like an idiot in public, a reason why he's managed to maintain his identity for sixteen years. Iris and Dento simply can't keep up.
Satoshi's last name (that he came up with) is Fury. His main flight transportation is Charizard, his main 'mon (or his Dum Dum Dugan) is Pikachu. Satoshi functions as the Kyurem of the group.  In terms of the Three Muskedeers, he has the most affinity with Cobalion, the leader of the group.

Iris is sixteen now. She has beaten Alder, and earned herself a team of (mostly)dragon types. However, she didn't want to take the position of champion up yet, because she figured it'd hinder her movement around the region(all the publicity stuff). She has been sent by Drayden(But NOT the League) to tail the newly arrived Director of P.O.K.E.M.O.N. She first met Dento during the N's Castle event, back when the gym leaders gathered together to battle the six sages. She was chasing after one of the sages, who had lost and turned tail, only to crash head-first into a Shadow Triad member that had just appeared right in front of her(presumably after escorting Hilbert/Hilda to N). That Shadow Triad member then lied to his two other companions that no one had come past the corridor by hiding Iris in a dark corner behind him, to save her from getting caught. Later, she managed to do her own tracking(natural child and all that) to trace that Shadow Triad Member to Striaton City, and from there to the Striaton Gym. She then discovered the Shadow Triad = Striaton Trio secret, but on the account of Dento (who was the member than saved her from getting caught), she promised to keep it a secret from everyone else, save Drayden. Drayden has made no significant comment about it.
She maintained contact with Dento for the two years, and got into a relationship with him, currently going steady. When Drayden tasked her with following Satoshi as a rookie trainer, she requested that Dento come along with her. The meeting in Striaton City was orchestrated beforehand to look natural. Iris' huge hair is part of her daily disguise to look queer, so that she becomes unrecognisable when she makes her hair look normal. Iris is better at all-out, frontal attacks, as compared to Dento, who fares better at skulking in the shadows. She's practically the Zekrom to Dento's Reshiram. In terms of the Three Muskedeers, she has the most affinity with Terrakion.

Dento is eighteen. At a young, so far unspecified age, he and his brothers were forced into the servitude of Ghetsis, for the "good" of Team Plasma (any Nightmare Fuel scenes involving Dento's missing parents are still unfortunately quite valid). Dento hasn't been very contented with serving Ghetsis, but through the years, he has been unable to do anything significant to break himself or his brothers out. After the N's Castle Event, Ghetsis told the Shadow Triad to "never look him up again", so the trio originally abandoned their identities, and no one ever found out (Save Iris and later Drayden). Later on, the trio were caught unawares by the new and improved shadow triad that ghetsis had recruited. The new shadow triad were more aggressive, and not afraid to go all out, since they had no identities to hide from the public, and Dento, Pod, and Corn suffered a massive defeat. They then worked on polishing up their skills in their respective type specialty to become stronger. Dento regularly met up with Iris during this time to train with her(Who better than to train with the champion herself?). When Iris was tasked to follow Satoshi as a rookie trainer, she arranged that Dento and his brothers pose as a weak starter gym leader to test Satoshi's skills in using his weak(er) pokemon. Dento A-class pokemon connoisseur thing isn't all that true; he mostly made it up.
Dento's natural hair is white, like his shadow triad hair. His green hair in his usual look is a wig. He prefers appearing without it, because it itches. and "makes him look like a twit". Iris tends to disagree. He specialises in a lot of status attacks (grass types, wot, wot) and likes sneaking up behind people, part of his Shadow Triad ninja training. This makes for a perfect combination with Iris. Satoshi's favourite pastime is raising his eyebrow at them when they're flirting. He's the Reshiram to Iris' Zekrom. In terms of the Three Muskedeers, he has the most affinity with Virizion.

Headcanon concludes there so far. Some more funny content for M15. Funny as in weird funny.
Keldeo stirred. He opened his eyes, and sat up to find a Pansage offering him a leaf, which he accepted. He watched as the pansage ran back to a nearby table, and saw three human-shaped figures seated under the dim light. He couldn't make out their face, but one was noticeably younger than the other two. Nevertheless,  he gave off the air of a somewhat intimidating presence, and the other two seemed to be following his commands. Somewhat like Kyurem did, Keldeo thought to himself, before his thoughts were interrupted.

"So, you've woken up." The youngest one turned his chair towards Keldeo, his eyes narrowed. Keldeo gulped. The other two just sat there silently, their eyes fixed on him. It was then that Keldeo recognised them up close as the people he had encountered earlier on the train roof, before he fell unconscious. But there was something different about them. They looked older, and less goofy. The most pronounced difference came from the youngest one, who had a completely different expression from back on the train. The other two, one a girl, and the other, a boy older than the youngest person, had let their hair, or, in the boy's case, wig down. The difference was quite startling.

"Feel like giving us an explanation yet?" Keldeo whipped his head around, stunned. "Other than the fact that you're being chased by a wild Kyurem that's capable of altering forms, that is." The youngest boy's tone was  somewhat casual, as if running from giant dragons was a regular pastime of his. At this point, Keldeo was beginning to assume that it was.

"I--challenged him to a battle, but I chickened out and ran away. He's--he's coming after me. And he'll kill me when he gets here." Keldeo tried to hide the fear in his voice, but it was obvious he was terrified. The boy stared at him. Keldeo could practically hear his brain putting two and two together, and creating a plan in his head. He wondered how he was supposed to be involved in all this.

"Right. Name's Satoshi. Satoshi Fury." Satoshi stood up, and thrusted a hand at the two older people seated at the table. "That one there's Iris, and the other one's Dento." Iris and Dento got up as well, but remained silent, save a small smile from Iris. Keldeo's mind was still hazy from his collapse, and he couldn't figure out what was due to come next. He watched as the three of them came together.

"How long do you two think you can stall him? Separately, I mean."

Dento's voice was calm, and almost amused. "Let's see...a dragon-ice type legendary with type-advantages against the both of us, able to transform into alternate formes with base stats of 700, and armed with a huge army of countless cryogonal, also possessing a massive type advantage against us. We should be able to do fine for a couple of hours."

 "Lapras, Ferrothorn, a Cradily maybe, and some Yache berries. Shouldn't be a problem." Iris nodded, and smiled and him. He returned the smile, and Satoshi mimed retching in the background.

"Whatever. You both go alone, do you understand me? The last thing I want is the both of you making out and letting him get away. Keep him occupied for as long as possible, both of you. Make it look as though Keldeo's on your mode of transport, whatever it is. If you engage him, try using Block or whatever to keep him stalled. Iris, you can use that Blimp over there. Dento, the Rail Car's available. Your Emolga and Stunfisk shouldn't have a problem working them up." Dento and Iris gave a nod, and immediately turned towards their vehicles. A few seconds later, they roared to life, and the blimp and rail car sped out of what Keldeo now recognised as a transport museum.

"As for you..." Keldeo gulped again, as Satoshi finally directed his focus towards the little colt. "You're with me. We're going to take you as far away as possible from the two of them, and I need directions to the mine where your seniors're trapped before we get besieged by an angry lump of ice shooting fire and lightning at us."

Keldeo finally saw the plan, but he couldn't resist breaking the question. "But--but why're you coming with me alone? Why do you have to get your friends to distract Kyurem? Why not just go together ?"

Satoshi's eyes narrowed once more. "That's because I'm much more expendable than the two of them are. Are you going to show me the way, or not?"

Keldeo swallowed his fear, and finally gave a heavy nod.

"Good. Let's go."

That's right, I cut out the Darumakka lunch portion. It didn't seem to fit so well in here.

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