Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holy Cow. The Musicals.

I haven't felt this excited taking part in a non-battling side quest since RSE.

This musical thing has got me hooked, and I'm only on the surface! Dredear, you're the star of the theatre. By the way, I'm only daring to enter Dredear, because the only other pokemon that (sort of) enjoys the musical is Denchura, and the most I can put on him is a beard and a hat. The others....well. Ever try dressing a Hydreigon up in a Santa Claus hat?

Also, Musicals bring in good times for Wishfulshipping! 

I must have put this picture up about twenty times already. Not that I care. 

Also, Human X Pokemon pairings. 

Although this one admittedly creeps me out quite a bit. 

Also, the adorable musical scene from Pokemon Special. Kudos to White!

I need that mask and I need it now. Back to the Dress-up rooms! 

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