Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fig 1.1: Dota Roshan. 

Yesterday, my brother was playing Dota. He was doing a Halloween Quest. And he was saying something about a cute Roshan.

I will admit that the creature is kind of cute, but I had no idea why Roshan sounded so familiar when it wasn't supposed to. 
Then, after I got myself back into the Pokemon verse, I got a realisation:
Roshan is the name of the city in M15 that isn't a European or Venetian country, and does not have a rich history of a legendary pokemon living in it. Or rather, a legendary pokemon that isn't anthropomorphic, makes friends with the main character, and gets itself captured like a fool by the Villain of the day. 

 Fig 1.2: Sammy and Pokemon Roshan. 
Needless to say, my halloween was spent imagining myself dressing up as an oshawott going from door to door, cramming for my history paper, and now, post-halloween, editing numerous pictures of pokemon holding candy baskets. 

I have such an eventful life. 

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