Sunday, November 25, 2012

Best Wishes has way too many good looking people. Right after Dento, now comes Virgil and his eight team members. Kinda reminds you of someone.

Hmmm. Not at all.

Also, the setup of the Higaki conference(Why not the League and its crazy pillars?)---

How many previous COtDs do we spot here? Let's see....

So Bulbapedia DID notice after all. I thought I saw it first. They even saw the ones I didn't!

I'm impressed they actually bothered to show all 128 participants here. It makes more sense than, say....just enough battles to fill up Satoshi and his rivals?About five battles for a league doesn't seem very league-like. 

Go, Kotetsu and Virgil! It's pretty much up to the two of you to bring honour to Unova! Which in the anime, isn't all much. 

Also, the League starts soon in Pokemon Special as well. Thanks to the elite four, I am positively fangirling like a twit over the latest chapter spoilers. Squeeeeeeeee.

Lastly, these gems of a few screenshots:

"You said WHO's promoting Wishfulshipping in the League episodes now?"
(Seriously, they even LOOK like they're in the same bed.)

And this one too! Can't forget Larry  Sandile-on-head guy! 

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