Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Am I the only one who finds it strange that in that crossdressing episode(The Most Magnificent Pokémon in the World?! Chillaccino VS Tsutarja!) , the other two ladies accompanying the snooty Cinccino actually allow her to deem Cinccino as "the most elegant of all elegant pokemon" while they're stuck with "the second-most elegant of all elegant pokemon" and "the third-most elegant of all elegant pokemon"? I won't deny the Roserade lady is definitely camp gay, though.

Also I do admit, I rather like the lilligant. It reminds me of my own Dredear.

But sadly, this episode is filled with lots of Yanappu(and Dento) abuse. Denmi, your incredibly low voice is hilarious. And the way you hesitantly add "-chan' to the back of Yanappu----Oh, man. The two of them are definitely more suited to acting masculine. Take that, Dento-is-gay-bashers! And the end, when Satoshi suggests that Dento cross-dress more often--Yikes!

Tsutarja knows judo. Like, wow.

How do they make sure that the trainer falls into the mud at the same time as the pokemon? The pokemon doesn't always hit the trainer on falling back. The only time that's happened in Best Wishes is with Dento and Yanappu (again) during the Donamite. Imagine if Dento was using his Iwapalace...ouch. 

Why did I keep hoping that Dento's Stunfisk was a female, like White's Dorothy? 

Wishfulshipping too! "Dento, Yanappu, you'll be avenged for sure!" Awwww. 

If not for all that Yanappu hate, I think this episode'd have been one of my favourites. Especially the important moral it teaches about Each Pokemon having its own Inner Beauty. That's you, all eight of you! 

Now to find some snooty ladies to push into the mud. Let's go! 

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