Saturday, October 20, 2012

Okay, I'm really not getting why everyone loves N so much. Thanks to Pokemon Special, I'm kind of starting to hate him. And I'm a teenager with a crush on nearly every bishonen male in Black and White.

I would've stuck the Shadow Triad here too, but I ran out of space.

Every bishonen male in Black and White except N. Especially in Pokemon Special, where he's getting to be a really huge jerkass.

You separate Gigi from White, and then NOW you separate Musha from Black. And then give the both of them BSODs. When they didn't even want to be separated till you "convinced" them. What're you going to do after that, separate yourself from Zekrom?

But let's face it. He's a DracoInLeatherPants. I know he didn't mean to do harm in the games, but immediately the entire fandom starts crowning him a wonderful messiah person, and that he didn't deserve to have such a horrible thing happen to him, and pretty much call him "The Most Kind, Benevolent, Wonderful, etc etc, Character in Pokemon". But I remind you that he was still a jerkass for the majority of BW1. And very much in Pokemon Special(I can't compare with other manga, since I can't get hold of them). And don't forget, he actually broke into Cedric Juniper's lab to steal his starters for the sake of "liberation". Starters that were supposed to be distributed to enterprising, young trainers, the ones like you and me that start every new adventure in their region the moment they meet the professor and pick up their first pokedex. Imagine coming to the pokemon lab, then finding out that the pokemon meant for you've disappeared because some guy in a baseball cap and green hair just broke in and stole them. Imagine the pokemon's confusion when they're suddenly taken from their home, where they were originally expected to go off with a kind, adoring trainer, to suddenly go along with a creepy soul-less green-haired guy with no explanation whatsoever than "I've liberated you". Do you want to be liberated? No. Do you want to leave? No. But are you give a choice? Hell no. I do like some characters for being plain jackasses(the gym leaders in their gym battles immediately come to mind), but this guy really falls under my Overrated list in terms of his popularity. I mean, he's the most popular character in Japan! He's shipped with EVERYONE! He isn't even in the right state of mind to be shipped with!

That's right. I'm one of the incredible minority. I know he gets a little better in Black and White 2, but right now I'm still in my Black and White (1) state of mind(not having started B2W2 yet) and I don't want to stop ranting anytime soon. Let's just attribute this to FanDumb. I'll recover from this sooner or later. But right now, not yet. 

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