Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants

Hidenori Kusaka does this in regards of Pokémon Special, as he has to write along side of whatever games just come out. What really makes him impressive, however, is that he doesn't work for Game Freak yet the series has a sheer amount of generation-spanning Arc Welding and Chekhov's Guns. Fans joke that he can see into the future.

Arc Welding

Pokémon Special tends to do this. Both good guys and bad unexpectedly show up in later arcs with gambits ahoy, but FRLG and Emerald take the cake. FRLG was a result of all the previous arcs while Emerald was a direct consequence of FRLG.
  • Volumes 29 and 38 brought together and resolved so many plot lines from different arcs to the point that the HSQ was reached.
Crowning Moment of Awesome: Pokemon Special
You gotta give the manga-ka some credit for sticking with this series for as long as he has. Most Pokemon manga are just quick cash-ins or advertisements for the latest games, barely having enough content to discuss or speculate about. Hidenori Kusaka actually began when the franchise started and is still going strong with only Pocket Monsters being the other long-running Pokemon manga. Furthermore, due to the fact he doesn't work for Game Freak and plays the games to figure out how he wants to write his story, with all his Chekhov's Guns and Arc Welding, he is either the greatest master of planning things out or the greatest master of writing things out of his ass as he goes along. Either way, he's awesome.

Of course, we musn't forget the illustrator, Satoshi Yamamoto either, for his artwork and his fanservice in the BW chapter. As soon as I find enough stuff around here to tribute them.

And they made the Striaton Trio the Shadow Triad. And AgencyShipping. And FranticShipping. And SpecialShipping(also Mato's contribution). And AdorableIris. The list could go on for ages.

Thank you. 

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