Friday, September 14, 2012

The latest episode had a Daikenki, was full of Pikachu, Riolu, and Meloetta making deadpan snarker expressions, and basically had Cilan and Iris hanging out next to each other for the entire episode while Ash and Kotetsu did their Bromance Bonding. Oh, and an epic gym battle.

In summary, I love this episode.

Kotetsu: Hey, Ash--What's your goal as a pokemon trainer?
Ash: I'm aiming to be the greatest pokemon master.
Kotetsu: I see! I'm aiming to be the greatest pokemon champion!
Ash: I won't lose out to you as a pokemon master!
Kotetsu: Me neither!
Ash: Let's keep it up!
Kotetsu: Yep!
Both: *Bro--thumb.*

And Marlon did look a little odd, but whatever. At least his mantine is cute. It could've had a little more Wishfulshipping in it, but the Daikenki-Ferrothorn-Riolu cuteness is taking over my brain good.

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