Saturday, September 1, 2012

So I'm so antisocial, that I actually came up with personalities for my eight main pokemon in my White Version. I need to write them down somewhere.

In order of when I got them:
Daikenki [Samurott ♂, currently level 87]: Bashful nature. Likes to Run. He doesn't have a best friend on the team, since  he's kind of like a buddy to everyone. Since he's also the oldest member of the team, he's pretty much the guy everyone goes to for a chat. He's the default guy in charge when the trainer isn't around. Being the most mature doesn't stop him from loving RageCandyBars.

Dredear [Lilligant ♀, currently level 87]: Timid nature. Likes to Relax. One of the few girls on the team, so she enjoys hanging out with other females. Best Friends with Kojondo, and the Girly Girl (compared to the other girls, at least) to her Tomboy. Her timid nature doesn't stop her from getting iffed when her teammates take the last casteliacone. She has a very obvious crush on Cheren's Serperior.

Larry [Krookodile ♂, currently level 87]: Lax Nature. Very Finicky. Best Friends with Sazandora, because they're both Dark Types, Guys, and basically like acting bad. That doesn't mean that they ARE bad. They enjoy trying to pull pranks on the others. Mostly Larry has to be the one carrying them out, since Sazandora has no proper hands. This makes their pranks so obviously predictable that the only ones who still fall for them are Denchura and their trainer. Larry enjoys wearing the Darkglasses equipped onto him.

Kojondo [Mienshao ♀, currently level 87]: Hardy Nature. Mischievous. Best Friends with Dredear, and the Tomboy to her Girly Girl. Her favourite hobby is teasing her friend about her crush with a giant green snake. She likes hanging out with Ononokus and Dredear in a girls' trio. Her favourite drink is MooMooMilk, because she's a natural sucker for believing in the "Milk builds Strong Bones" stuff. Her Hi-Jump-Kick tendencies have earned her the title for Highest Use of Plasters and Bandages.

Ononokus [Haxorus ♀, currently level 87]: Brave Nature. Often Lost in Thought. Has taken it upon herself to be the foil to Larry and Sazandora's pranks, normally in an agressive manner. Larry and Sazandora absolutely detest her X-Scissor, and in Sazandora's case, Outrage. Enjoys daydreaming,(about what, she won't tell) a lot, providing perfect opportunities for Larry to put fake moustaches on her...Fangs? She hates the Pokemon Musical, for some strange reason. Must be the moustaches.

Sazandora [Hydreigon ♂, currently level 87]: Hardy Nature. Likes to Run. Or rather, liked to run, back when he was a Zweilous. Acts as the brains of his and Larry's joke operations. He's a little annoyed with his trainer for giving him a name that sounds like a girls name [even though Sazandora is supposed to be derived from San (three) and "King Ghidorah, another three-headed dragon based on the Yamata no Orochi."] He has an unspoken rivalry with Ononokus, because they like arguing about who the stronger dragon on the team is. They like settling this by firing dragon pulses and Outrages at each other, just to see who keels over first, much to the horror of their teammates.

Warrgle [Braviary ♂, currently level 85]: Modest Nature. Somewhat Vain. Best Friends with Denchura, because both were later additions to the team. Has a huge dislike for Tangela, thanks to unfortunate training sessions in Route 13. He cares a lot about his appearance, but he's otherwise a  nice, polite chap. His insane headfeathers take him a quarter of an hour to preen everyday, and he gets very, very pissed off when someone upsets his feathers. In this way, you can liken him to Cheren.
Denchura [Galvantula ♂, currently level 82]: Relaxed Nature. Capable of Taking Hits. Best Friends with Warrgle. Since he's the youngest, he's ended up as the baby of the group. He's also the resident Butt Monkey. Incredibly naive and always the one who falls for Larry and Sazandora's practical jokes, with the exception of the trainer. Everyone enjoys watching out for him, since he's a little more than clumsy. Particular to this is Warrgle, who uses Keen Eye specifically for this purpose. This clumsiness thing is a little odd since his ability is Compoundeyes, something that has been pointed out by practically everyone on the team. One theory is that he focuses so much on the little things that he doesn't see the big picture. It's kind of like that fable where the astronomer spends so much time looking at the stars he falls into the trech right in front of him.

Well, that's it. I really need to find some friends.

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