Friday, September 28, 2012

If I remember correctly, the first reason I started taking an interest in Gen V was because I was a huge bleach fan, and I saw this piece of fanart somewhere on Capslock_Bleach. 

It's the villain of Bleach Movie 4: Hell Verse, Shuren, dressed in some (then) weird garb, with a sewaddle dressed as Kokuto, the other villain of the movie. 

I later found out that Shuren had the same voice actor as a certain Gen V gym leader, Burgh(Arti), to be exact. When I finally found the episode, I found out they really DID sound similar. As in, Kojiro-Urahara similar. Which is very similar. 

By the time I found the episode, I was already pretty much hooked thanks to the beautiful animation, the Cilan-and-Iris duo, and all that. 

And it's still not hard to imagine Arti in Shuren's Hell Garb, shooting fireballs at Satoshi. With an evil, giggling Leavanny in the corner. Not hard at all. 

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