Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, at least there's an improvement. Not much, but an improvement, nevertheless.

Hooray for Stunfisk, who has gotten his first win. He is now officially on my Adorable list. And Hooray for Serperior, who is getting increasingly overused in the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup. Trip is finally starting to act a little more like Cheren, with his Alder obsession. If they could make Trip meet with older Cheren, that would be simply awesome.

Still, that dragonite and that Iris. It's nice to see that Iris is getting concerned and not trying to do what the writers did with her the last episode, but that Dragonite. Someone seriously needs animate the two of them together so that they look badass. Somehow, that Dragonite still doesn't look right standing (or sitting) next to her. It just looks way too out-of-place right now. Maybe if Ash's Krookodile (or his Larry) made a counter with its size, it'd help a lot. Or even Charizard. I don't know if Iris'd have had that problem with a haxorus or hydreigon or what not, though. Maybe it's just my fault for watching too many B2W2 spoilers of Champion Iris.

I like Iris, I like her characterisation in BW1, but right now in BW2, it's going very weirdly. And it's not only Iris. Cilan in one episode is shown to be a competent detective sommelier, in another he can't even find a missing cubchoo. Ash acts surprisingly aware of things around him in one episode, and then becomes totally clueless the next. And I don't even need to mention Iris. Indeed, the only people who're acting in character as far as I can see are Cynthia and Dawn. And maybe Caitlin.

Now I just really can't wait for that Gym Battle and Rufflet/Vullaby episode. And that Team Rocket episode where Meloetta gets a plot point. Hooray for proper plots!

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