Friday, August 31, 2012

Dammit, Writers!

Iris Hate, right on schedule. This is not working, writers.

Seriously, I think I'm just going to go back and rewatch the entire BW Season 1. That was loads better than what's going on now.

As tons of people have stated before me, the episode was decent, but still dreadful in comparison with previous episodes from Season 1. So, Iris finally snaps after her dragonite starts rampaging and attacking the audience of the Pokemon World Tournament Cup. Amazingly enough, the two champions there don't do a single thing to help. Sure, it may still be within the battle constraints, but no! Leave it to the random ten-year-old kid with his adorable Sunglasses Larry to deal with it! I'm just going to sit(or in Cynthia's case, stand) there with a solemn look on my face! Like a Champion!

Speaking of Sunglasses Larry, that's the only thing I'm liking about this Season so far. M15 doesn't count(yet), so this is the current "only thing".

I didn't really go through that much of DP or AG, but from what I heard, May and Dawn suffered from a lot of BreakTheCutie and BreakTheHaughty moments. Is this Iris' turn? Keep in mind that Iris is different from May and Dawn. Unlike the two of them, who started as rookie trainers and see Ash as somewhat as their mentor. Iris already had plenty of experience in battling, but her ideals (Zekrom reference time) get in the way of her understanding her pokemon, which was what led to her losing to Drayden in her childhood. Cilan's hypothesis (Reshiram reference time) pretty much brought out the truth about why her Excadrill refused to listen to her, and she learnt to respect her pokemon's feelings and become more connected with them.

Best Wishes Season 2 is dashing that all to pieces.

It seems that Iris has forgotten her axew, excadrill, and emolga even existed. The writers have forgotten Cilan exists, and he's mostly becoming a sclerae-less version of Brock. Heck, even Cynthia's getting more screentime than he is! And she's supposed to be a Guest Character! If he doesn't get a fourth pokemon by the end of this series, I'm calling foul.  

The moment Iris had her first loss with Dragonite handed to her, the fandom has gone crazy with joy, cheering her on about how "She deserved it" and "I wish one of Dragonite's flamethrowers had roasted her then". Iris is one of my favourite characters from Best Wishes, but I really hate what they writers've done to her. They've made her practically useless and a jerkass. This isn't right.

Her first battle with Dragonite: Dragonite starts disobeying her and wins somehow. Conclusion? "Yay, I won!" Unbelievable. The moment I saw that reaction, it was totally Out of Character for Iris, if all people. Her Title in the Games (even though I DO know that this isn't the games) is "The Girl Who Knows the Heart of Dragons", and she even says during battle, "The Pain of my pokemon...I feel it too!" Does this fit Anime!Iris' persona? I think not. She seems to have forgotten that pokemon actually have FEELINGS.

From the japanese spoiler comic that they had put up as spoilers before the actual episode itself aired, the battle was shown as such:

From the manga, Iris seems to be having relatively good control of her Dragonite throughout the battle. Even after the evolution scene, she keeps her cool enough to order Dragonite to fire an ice beam at Larry Krookodile to stop it in its tracks, and even after losing, she has a cheery smile, happy that her dragonite has done its best. The dragonite has the look of a pokemon that is regularly pissed off after losing a battle. Perfectly justifiable.
In the anime, the moment Larry  Krokorok evolves, Iris loses it. She totally doesn't know what to do now, and she's totally helpless against that crocodile, despite having a Pseudo-Legendary Dragon with Dragon Rush and Ice Beam. Dragonite then proceeds to go insane and attack the audience, not even caring about what Iris is telling it, and Ash has to order Larry Krookodile to take it down, amid the confusion. Dragonite goes down, and cue Iris kneeling to the ground screaming like a spoilt brat.

What's even more amazing is that, throughout this entire Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup (Long names, anyone?), Cilan, the freaking Pokemon Sommelier, hasn't bothered offering a single word of advice to Iris about her Dragonite. Or that Iris knows her travelling partner and boyfriend is a Pokemon Sommelier but still refuses to  go to him for help, despite having done it back in BW36 ( I can't believe I actually wrote that from memory). What IS Cilan doing there? It's pretty obvious that the disobedience problem should be a pretty elementary one for an A-class Pokemon Sommelier, yet he still isn't lifting a finger.

Dragonite was never really in my favourites or cute pokemon, but I never had any hate towards it. Now, this is making me even more biased towards the likes of Salamence and Hydreigon.

Either the writers are going all out to murder Wishfulshipping and the viewers' love for Iris (which is sad, since both were developed in watching BW Season 1), or this is some sort of foreshadowing telling me to study for my O levels. Most probably the latter. I really, really can't wait for M15 right now. I think I may even want to buy it. Scratch that, I probably WILL buy it. Just to see Iris and Cilan NOT acting this badly.

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