Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Wishes Season 2 So Far

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

Why, writers? Why are you making Cilan look like an idiot when he so obviously isn't? He's ending up losing at the second round of everything. The Don Battle, the Donamite, and possibly the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup. Maybe it's true that he isn't much of a trainer or gym leader in BW1, but that's not reason to degrade his anime version so drastically. Especially when he's so horribly popular with the poke-fandom. His Stunfisk hasn't won. Once. At. All. In the game, I knew of a Stunfisk aboard the Battle Subway that was capable of wiping out my entire team in a series of one-hit-KOs.

And Iris. Her character is totally getting tossed and turned all over the place by the writers of the PWTJC. Her Dragonite refuses to listen to her and then goes berserk and lands a thunderpunch on the enemy without commands? "Yay! I won!" Unbelievable. It's been long established in the Excadrill episodes that Iris has been showing plenty of concern over her pokemon getting badly hurt, or when they're refusing to listen to her. Yet in that episode, she didn't even give a hoot about Dragonite, and she was practically screaming her head off at it to listen to her. Are the writers just trying to make her less likeable so that Dawn can remain popular, or have they just lost their minds after the release of B2W2?

Please, writers, give Cilan and Iris their due and make them get the development they truly deserve, instead of throwing it away for the sake of a certain penguin's fanservice. Stop throwing disobedient pseudo-legendaries at Iris, and stop giving Cilan TheWorfEffect. If you were able to do such a great job with Ash in Best Wishes Season 1 (and I really liked what they did with him), you can surely do it again.

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