Friday, July 27, 2012

Why, Iris?

I know where this is going.

Since Iris has been revealed as the Big Boss for B2W2, I guess that makes a small problem for her anime self. What's the solution? Why, throw her a pseudo-legendary all ready for the taking! And a strong, irritable one at that!

And of all things, throw her a Dragonite. Why a dragonite? Her game persona doesn't even have a dragonite. At the very least, they could've levelled her Kibago up a little, or at least give her a hydreigon. I can understand why not a Crimgan, but WHY A DRAGONITE?

Seriously, why? Dragonite is already the signature pokemon of a certain caped champion and his crazy cousin. Introducing another one, and another one that looks exactly like this one from Pokemon Special HGSS--
Yeah. And that's Lance's.

Not that I'm saying it's really a bad thing (it's nice to see some characters TakeALevelInBadass), but Iris' strength could've been improved in a better way than letting her suddenly obtain a random Pseudo-Legendary, and one that's almost never existed in Unova. At any rate, I know very well that she can't evolve that kibago, since it remains a huge mascot for the kids, but why not get something that isn't already used by a champion? Just as long as it's not a Dragonite or a Garchomp, she's open to a Salamence and Hydreigon as well.

Or let her get over her fear of ice types by introducing her to a lapras. That would be excellent character development, and it'd help lessen the difference between her team and her GameTeam.

Oh, right. Speaking of GameTeam. Anyone remember this guy?

Probably not.

It seems like the writers've decided to make Dento walk down Brock's path, becoming even more OutofFocus that Brock ever has been. So far, he's had even fewer victories than Iris, despite being a pretty strong trainer, and a Gym Leader at that. Plus, we can't forget how badass he is at fishing, detective work (somewhat debateable), and all that other stuff. Care to see how he caught Stunfisk?
No. Pokemon. Used.
Sadly, they've made him into the Moveable Background I mentioned somewhat earlier, in fact the only pokemon he's allowed to battle and win with is Iwapalace. His poor Stunfisk has yet to win a match, and his adorable Yanappu is overshadowed by Kibago and Pikachu. Those three need more appearances.

Somehow, I just wish they could make him a little more prominent in the series. I've grown to like Dento and Iris a lot, but I'm not exactly supportive of Iris getting all the attention while Dento just stands in the corner. At the very least, they could make him participate in even more battles(they wouldn't even let his Yanappu fight a single measly Onix, despite having three super-effective moves against Onix), or catch some other grass-type or Awesomesocks pokemon(like his adorable Muggyo) to equal Iris' strength. In the Games, he has a really cool lilligant. Or a Jumpluff. Or a Whimsicott. Pleeease?

 But really, why DO they make him lose so often? It's not like he's really that bad. Although most of his losses have been attributed to him talking too much... Ah, well. Just don't lose your awesomeness and love towards Iris. 

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