Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So I was playing Pokemon White. And I was at the last part of the game. Meaning, catching Zekrom, battling N, then battling Ghetsis.

You know, these two.
I led with Daikenki. Why did I lead with Daikenki?

Mind, it wasn't so hard with Zekrom and N, but when I got to Ghetsis, I was really starting to regret my decision. And then I screwed up and lost to him.

So I restarted the game. And put Larry at the front.

Said my dear brother, "You're a crappy trainer! Let ME try doing it!" And he grabbed it, with Larry at the front. And obviously, he won. Duh.

Said me, "You idiot! I put Larry at the front! He's a Ground/Dark type, obviously he'd win!"

  "Nyah nyah," He said. "You're just a crappy trainer." So I grabbed the game back from him, restarted again, did all three battles again, and beat Ghetsis again. For the third time. With Larry at the front. Something is really very wrong with me.

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