Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Funniest thing about Ash's new friends(Best wishes) so far

Everytime Satoshi(Ash) decides to be an IdiotHero and do something obviously dangerous and like, Dento(Cilan) just lets him go on with a "have fun, we'll be right here" expression on his face, but when Iris tries to do something too or go after him, Dento immediately pulls her back with a worried look, and says something along the lines of "No! It's too dangerous, Iris!" or something like that. Or if she insists on going, he'll have an evidently worried look on him as he watches her. Evidence comes from Pokemon M14, BW 46, and someplace else that I forgot about.

From this, we can pretty much tell that:
-Either Dento is really, really GenreSavvy, and knows that Satoshi won't die that easily.
-Or, he cares too much about Iris, to the point that he really doesn't care about Satoshi's living or dying. This, of course, could just be Wishfulshipping on my part, but hey.

Just to debate.

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